Monday, October 19, 2009

New site Combines Bing and Google Search Results

Bingle is a New Site that combines the results of Bing and Google in one screenshot. 
Is Bingle really a search engine? Their first URL was 
Mark Kluge from South Carolina is listed as the owner of PWNIJ.
PWNIJ redirected their site to

You can Search Google and Bing at the same time and compare the results!
Let me be clear...I did NOT create the software. I guess PWNIJ did. 
NU is a European Domain Name Registration site and is not a dot com. combined Bing and Google in one screen with their own software. 
Could they get sued by Bing and Google? I don't know if they are infringing 
on copyrights, but I do like how Bingle compares the results of Bing and Google in one screenshot. You can do this with any keyword. 
Type in your name and see what comes up before Bingle is ordered 
to cease and desist. 
New European company registers domain names.
Register new domain names at