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Viral List Breeder

You’ve heard it and yes it’s true. The
money is in the list.

If you don't have an email list, then
you are missing out on thousands of
dollars in profits each and every week.

Many business owners make a lot of
their money off of their lists, and now
you can too. It takes time to build a
list if you do it all yourself.

Now I realize that for many of you,
time can be an issue. Maybe you can
relate to some of these:

"I’ve been trying to build my list, but
I can’t seem to do it! I've spent
countless among countless of
hours...What next?"


"I wish I could build my list faster,
yet retain the quality of the list"

Those are all common questions and
whatever situation you fit into, you
will be on your way to building a
faster list while retaining its quality.

...and Yes, you can let others build
your list for you, and still have that
relationship built with your prospects
if it is done right.

And this is exactly what you're going
to learn in the new video series I've
just released..

Viral List Breeder

Check out full video series below..

Viral List Breeder

One of the numerous ways you can tempt
or persuade your subscriber is by
providing a well thought out and well
written subject. The subject of an
email is what is often referred to when
a person or a recipient of an email
decides whether he or she wants to open
or read an e-mail. The subject could
easily be regarded as one of the most
important aspect of your promotional

Your subject must be short and concise.
They should provide a summary for the
content of the e-mail so that the
recipient will have basic knowledge of
the content. This is really vital in
grabbing the attention of your readers
and subscribers. You want your subject
to instantly grab the attention of your
subscriber and get them to be intrigued
to open up your mail. Remember, it is
not necessarily true that a subscriber
opens up subscribed mails.

A good subject must always be tickling
the curiosity of your recipient. It
must literally force the recipient to
open the mail. A certain emotion must
be ignited and get them to open the
mail. It is essential to use specific
words to get the reaction you need.
Keep in mind that the recipient or
subscribers spends only a few seconds
looking over each subject of the
e-mails he receives. You must grab your
reader’s attention right away.

There are many forms you can use for
your subject. You can provide a subject
that says your e-mail contains content
that teaches them tips and methods on
certain topics. An example of this is
using keywords and keyword phrases such
as, “How to” , “tips”, “Guides to”,
Methods in and others like that.

You can also put your subject in a
question form. These may include
questions like, “Are you sick and tired
of your job?” Or “Is your boss always
on your case?” Try to stay on the topic
that pertains to your site so that
you’ll know that your subscribers have
signed up because they are interested
in that topic. This form of subject is
very effective because they reach out
to your recipients emotions. When they
have read the question on your subject,
their mind starts answering the
question already.

You can also use a subject that
commands your reader. Statements such
as “Act now and get this once in a
lifetime opportunity”, or “Double,
triple and even quadruple what you are
earning in one year”. This type of
subject deals with the benefits your
company provides with your product and

You may also use breaking news as your
subject to intrigue your subscriber.
For example, if you deal with car
engine parts you can write in your
subject, “Announcing the new engine
that uses no gasoline, It runs on
water”. This creates curiosity with the
reader and will lead them to open the
mail and read on.

Follow the link below for a full video
series on viral list building...

Viral List Breeder

When you decide to have an opt-in list,
it is not just a matter of sending your
subscribers your promotional
newsletters or catalogs. There are many
things to consider in avoiding many
complications. While there are so many
ways you can make people subscribe to
your list, there are also some things
you must do to avoid subscribers from
wanting to get off from your list.

Here are three things to avoid when
emailing your list...

1. Take notice of your unsuccessful
sends. These are the e-mails that
bounce. Bounced emails, also known as
undeliverable messages, are those
messages that, for whatever reason,
were not successfully received by the
intended recipient.

There are bounces that happen or occur
because the server was busy at that
time but can still be delivered in
another time. There are also bounces
because the inbox of the recipient is
full at that time. There are those
bounce messages that are simply
undeliverable ever. The reason for this
is that it may be an invalid email
address, a misspelled email address, or
an email address that was abandoned and
erased already.

Manage your list by putting markings on
those that bounce. Erase an email
account from your list so that you have
an accurate statistics and records as
to how many are actually receiving your
mail. You may also want to check the
spellings of your email addresses in
your list. One common mistake is when
an N instead of an M is placed in the
.com area.

2. Always provide an unsubscribe
feature in your site and an unsubscribe
link in your mails. When someone in
your list files a request to be
unsubscribed, always take that request
seriously. If you don’t take them off
your list and keep sending them your
e-mails, you are now sending them spam

When you are reported as a spammer, you
and your business can get into a lot of
trouble. You can be reported to the
authorities and maybe blacklisted by
many internet service providers. You
will lose a lot of subscribers this way
and many more in potential subscribers.

3. Do not provide pornographic or
shocking and disturbing content in your
newsletters. It is hard to decipher the
age of the recipient and many
complaints may stem from these.
Controversial issues also are to be
avoided to not be branded by your
subscribers. Stick to the nature of
your site and business.

Always remember these tips so that you
can have a healthy relationship with
your subscribers as well as be kept
within the boundaries of what is allowed
in sending mails to an opt-in list.

Follow the link below for a full video
series on viral list building...

Viral List Breeder

Bill Whetstone

Viral List Breeder! - How To Build Your List Automatically!

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