Friday, September 02, 2005



I’ve got some really exciting news for you.

I imagine you’ve probably been invited to promote info products online
before – but probably not like this ...

In about a week from now, we’re going to rock some people’s world with a
one–time, 5–day promotion. That’s right – not even a full week.

Yes – that’s right ... this is a one–time offer that lasts exactly 5 days
from beginning to end. You snooze – you lose. And you don’t have to
worry about sending follow–up after–follow–up trying to milk all the money
out of this promotion.

This is a take–it–or–leave–it deal ... and let me repeat it one more time
... this is a one–time deal ... lasting exactly 5 days.

So – I’ve got a sale to tell you about that will not only pay you very
well and offers cash bonuses, but these products in this sale are BRAND
NEW and have never been released to the public.

You can finally offer your customers and subscribers brand new and highly
useful products that actually teach them instead of just waste their money.

Take a quick look at it. You’re going to be
totally shocked. And when you see the price, you’re going to flip. I still
can’t believe this incredible, unprecedented package is being offered for
this price.

If you’d like to be part of the promotion and make some fast money (plus
compete for some sweet cash bonuses) – all the affiliate information is at

If you’d like to promote this offer, just go to affiliate link to sign up.
You can only promote this offer by invitation or by buying the package.
You get one shot at this. Don’t be left out.

You’ll be so glad you got involved ...

Thank you!

Bill Whetstone

P.S. – This One–Time Sale starts on Sept. 6th and ends on Sept. 11th at
midnight, so sign up now!

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